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Fluid Formation. Blob Table. 2024.

This table is made from aluminum, foam, paper clay, resin, and wood. The design and structure is a manifestation of melting, shifting, and forever changing nature of identity. Its dark resin coating is representative of the desire for stability while contrasting its rounded and fluid structure. The evidence of dripping resin and hand sculpted shapes exemplifies the literal crafting and commitment to molding its appearance. Conversely, it also serves as a reminder that not everything can be controlled and disruption is inevitable in the process of creation. The table serves as a platform for various treasures collected and representative of my experiences, values, childhood, and identity. This piece calls the viewer to relinquish control of specifics and refocus on the act of authentic discovery, evolution, and fluidity. 


The construction process for this project was lengthy and highly experimental. I came to the idea of the blob table through a few random sketches (as shown below). Once the idea had come up a few times, I began sketching out what the ideal shape of the table would look like, and by consequence, find the accompanying measurements.


I began by making a wooden 'skeleton' that would serve as structural support for the final piece. Then I covered the majority of the wooden base in a spray foam to fill in the shape. I sculpted drips out of clumped up aluminum and then covered them in a paper clay formula I crafted. These steps lead me to a rough, general shape that I would then have to excessively sand down before beginning to cover the form in a black resin.


I then spent weeks sanding and detailing the piece before I was to cover it in resin. I utilized an orbital sander and dremel to refine small details. Finally I coated the whole form in a black resin mixture and waited for it to cure. After months of work, I finally arrived at the blob table I had imagined for so long.

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