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Eyeball Monster. Rock + Acrylic. 2023.

This is my eyeball monster rock AKA 'The Weight of Being Perceived'. Initially it's titled 'Eyeball Monster' as thats what it is at face value. That said there is more to this rock. There is a physical weight to this rock and the excessive pattern of eyeballs painted on it represent the true meaning, alluding to 'The Weight of Being Perceived'. This is a feeling that I am sure most can resonate with. For me, there is a certain weight to being perceived by others, specifically both as a woman and someone with some pretty encroaching social anxiety. It feels as if every word and move is tracked and judged by everyone around you without much escape. This is a feeling that over time you learn to cope with but somehow never seems to completely go away. This piece is a physical sentiment to that feeling. 

eyeballs 2.png
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