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Melting. A Senior Thesis Exhibition. 2024.

I’ve been trying to sort out who I am and this stands as a testament of where I've been. This space is meant to reflect the quiet contrast of fluidity within structure, self-discovery within constants, and the continuous melding of perceptions. I want people to find themselves in my work through themes of continuous communal evolution. Each piece is meant to communicate the melting realities of being alive. Contrasted with the seemingly strict structures and perceptions that sculpt self-identity. I will never escape my mind so I decided to fashion it how I see fit and now I'm inviting you inside in hopes of you finding a piece of yourself. There is an inherent uneasiness to unapologetic introspection paired with a crucial acknowledgment of self. We are all constantly reworking our past whilst sculpting our future within cognitive and physical spaces. What does my past mean about me? How do I want to move forward and act within the world around me? What is constant? And what is fleeting? How do I make a home out of my mind when it feels like everything is changing but nothing is different? Letting myself sit with these questions within a nonjudgmental space allows me to critically consider my own perceptions of self, others, and the world around me. I am learning to accept that I will never be the same from moment to moment. I am making peace with change and finding peace within constants. I know who I am. Conversely, I'm searching for who I am. I welcome each viewer to examine their own realities while stepping into a physical manifestation of my own mind, the space in which I have observed and grown throughout my lifetime. I invite others to find a space for comfortable thought, committed self-exploration, and the gentle reassurance of the fluidity of life. 


The final four pieces can be seen below. Click on each image to find out more about my process and general information on each piece.

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