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Martyn Lawrence Bullard Star Style/Star Power Candle. Product Design. 2023.

This is the Star Power candle package design for Martyn Lawrence Bullard. I worked alongside Martyn Lawrence Bullard to produce the Star Style/Star Power Candle Set to promote and pair with the release of Martyn's new book 'Star Style: Interiors of Martyn Lawrence Bullard'. We collaborated with his candle maker to print the design we picked onto candle boxes containing some of Martyn's star scents. These boxes were made with the new books composition in mind. We decided to match the candle boxes to some of the Star Style features such as its highly detailed black and white patterns with accents of green and gold. MLB's Star Style and Star Power candles can now be found for purchase at his atelier located on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood. 

Star Power Candle
Star Power Candle_edited.png
mlb cand 4.png
mlb cand5.png
mlb cand3 top.png
mlb cand1.png
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