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Hi! My name is Sophia Bailey and I am majoring in Graphic Design at LMU. I am originally from the Bay Area but am now based in Los Angeles. My art explores works within graphic design, interior design, 2D design, 3D design/sculptural arts, photography, and SFX makeup. My style can be described as surreal, abstract, anthropomorphic, gory, sketchy, whimsical, liminal, and vibrant. I am presently driven to make art that touches on topics such as identity, mental health issues, surrealism, existentialism, love and relationships, and change. I hope to use all of my skills in a future career but will be primarily focused on graphic design, 3D, furniture, and interior/set designing. Some professional goals of mine include getting my art shown in recognized galleries, working on the set design of blockbuster movies, and freelancing out lots of furniture/ sculptural projects. Please feel free to reach out or contact me regarding any questions or commission requests!

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